Sapphire engagement rings and various other types of engagement rings

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There are many different kinds of jewellery items that we see around us. There are beautiful neck pieces, exotic earrings and exquisite rings. Besides these, there are bangles, pendants and many other such jewellery items. Some girls like earrings while others prefer bracelets. However, there is one jewellery item which is loved and highly adored by every woman; this jewellery item is obviously the rings. The importance of a ring is determined by the meaning behind that particular ring. This is the reason that engagement rings are considered as the most special kind of rings because they are the like the symbol of bond that is present between two individuals; which is why people prefer to buy the best kind of engagement ring for their special one. In this article, we will be discussing about sapphire engagement rings in Melbourne and many other types of engagement rings.  

Engagement rings: 

Have you ever spared a moment to think about the fact that, why engagements ring is considered even more special than the marriage ring? The reason for this extra importance being given to engagement ring is that the engagement ring symbolizes the first promise, the first bond that is formed between two individuals. This is the reason that people prefer to buy such engagement ring for their respective partner that it would bring huge smile on her face whenever she is distressed or going through any dull moment. There are many different types of extraordinary pieces of engagement rings that we get to see in the market, among which some are going to be discussed in this article. 

Sapphire engagement rings: 

Sapphire engagement rings are one of the most loved and highly adored engagement rings all across the world. The reason for their extreme popularity is obviously the stone and the design that makes them an extraordinary piece or an ornament. Basically, sapphire is the stone that is available in different shades of blue mostly royal blue. It is one of the most expensive stones due its extremely fine pattern and deep blue colour. The worth of this sapphire stone is increased even more by using it in creatively designed ring. We get to see many different types of sapphire rings which differ from one another on the basis of their composition and designing. One such type of a sapphire engagement ring is known as three stone round parti sapphire ring. As the name implies, this is the ring that has three attached stones made up of sapphire. 

Then there is another type of sapphire ring which goes by the name of emerald cut sapphire ring, this is the ring whose sapphire gemstone is shaped in a rectangular form. Parti sapphire ring is another master piece in which the sapphire stones are inserted in a scattered manner. Similarly, hexagonal cut halo sapphire ring, round sapphire engagement ring and many other such sapphire engagement rings are available in the market. 

Various other types of engagement rings: 

We get to see many different types of engagement rings like there is cushion cut halo engagement ring. Cushion cut halo engagement ring is the ring which is made in a square shape and has the gemstone inserted in it. Then there is diamond baguette skyline ring which with the sharply cut small diamonds that are arranged in such a way that it gives somewhat of an appearance of a skyline. Square element halo engagement ring, staggered baguette engagement ring, rhombus element halo engagement ring and suspended hexagonal engagement ring are some of the types of exquisitely made engagement rings. 


Engagement rings hold special importance in every girl’s life which is why they are made in such a way that they magnify the value of the ring even more. We get to see a vast variety of engagement rings in the market. A lot of effort and creativity is put in making of a single engagement ring. Sapphire engagement rings are considered as the most precious and highly adored engagement rings around the world. They come in different shapes and sizes with the insertion of a sapphire gemstone. “Melanie katsalidis” offers the best variety of sapphire engagement rings. 

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