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Everyone dreams to build his home. A home demands a fair share of investment. If you are planning to build a home, then you must consider the budget and all the other expenses. A home is a dream place, a corner where you can sit and relax. It’s a space where you can breathe. Thus, homes must be designed according to your taste and aesthetic. Your home portrays much about your personality. But it’s not always the case. In some cases, one may need a portable home, that could be designed anywhere, and you may build it by your hands. A handy scheme to build your home. 

We offer a DIY house that suits and fits in every space. At Tiny Block small kit homes are offered with multiple perks. You can build today and may pay later. We finance our clients hereby offering tiny homes for sale  

Design Today 

You can design your small kit homes by selecting your home plan. You can build it by choosing your cladding, roof, and colors of the window. You may build it on concern slabs or with the addition of a floor system. These small kit homes in Australia have attacked kitchens, an eco-toilet. These have added or installed air conditioners and tiny systems for hot water. Contact the team today to get your brochure or download the price list. 

DIY Your Home 

These small kit homes are highly rewarding, and if you are handy then get these accessories and build it on your own, else hire a pro. We offer sources and partners to get your work done. The Tiny Block offers items to build your homes. The tiny homes for sales come with insulation and quality, nothing can compete with the combination of three decades warranty Colourbond’s. It has EPS core benefits and quality insulated house wraps. These tiny home for sale comes with a sheen color bond and ceiling of the internal lining in a flat profile. It has all the components to complete the structure of your home and all these components are included in your tiny homes for sale box. These small kit home walls have wall panels fabrication, that is supplied to external and internal cladding.  

These tiny homes for sale have aluminium doors of your color choice. This box kit comes with two wall lights and ceiling light. For the ease of our clients, you can choose the internal and external cladding with your preferred diameter. The tiny homes for sale in Port Macquarie come with all the required accessories but exclude paint, plumbing, electric supplies, termite barrier, and the shipping charges will also be included. 

The Standard Scale of Items 

The floor comes with the best supplies and is designed in a way to support durability. We offer elevated low budget options and alternatives in cases of high rates. We offer a variety of floor choices for small kit homes. These homes fit everywhere and come handy. This offers ease and assistance. 

Add Components to This Home 

We offer a range of services, and items to add to your home. You can add showers, eco-toilets, air-conditioning, to compensate and ease your stay at home. Paint the home and get the colours of your demand. 

Small Kit Homes 

These small kit homes can be used for all purposes. You can transform it into a pool house or recording studio. Whatever is your choice, these small kit homes come with the choice to fit in all the options. You may design it accordingly or the way you like. It offers durability, affordability, and last not least ease to establish. 

These tiny homes for sale are free to pick for shack, crib and you can perfectly decide the diameter of the cube. These fit into small spaces. The news cubical small homes for sale are also available. There are three new releases, names as the retreat, peak, and batch small homes for sale are available. You can pick it according to your choice and preference. There is a proper presentation of how these small kit homes fit into your preferences. You can build these tiny homes for sale on your own too. 


Call the team today, and we will brief you about the color choices of internal or external ceiling colors. There are color ranges from darker to lighter shades. There are a variety of available options. It gives a smoother finish. We offer interest-free finance for tiny homes for sale. You can add a tiny kitchen with a cent percent customized design and affordability.  

The small kit homes have all the appliances, slabs, proper finishing, and kitchen will look perfect. Start today and go through the reviews of our happy clients. 

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